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About Us

Birch & Buffalo – A Vermont Tradition of Woodworking Excellence

Birch & Buffalo embodies the spirit of Vermont's rich woodworking heritage. We began as a family business focused on making and sharing. Today, we continue this tradition, embracing the beauty of people, place, and purpose.

Our Roots: A Kentucky Beginning, A Vermont Journey

It all started in a Kentucky workshop, where classic American woodworking techniques were honed in new and innovative styles. This foundation laid the groundwork for Birch & Buffalo, a company that cherishes the simplicity and authenticity of handcrafted woodwork. As we moved to Vermont, we brought with us this legacy, adapting it to the vibrant, artisanal culture of our new home.

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Birch & Buffalo Promise

At Birch & Buffalo, we specialize in creating wooden wall decor and related items that reflect a blend of traditional skill and contemporary design. Our commitment to quality is seen in every piece we craft, each telling its own story of dedication and artistry.

Our Values: Community, Family, and Hard Work

The essence of Birch & Buffalo is rooted in our core values of community, family, and hard work. These principles guide our craftsmanship and our relationships, driving us to create products that not only decorate spaces but also bring people together.

Join the Birch & Buffalo Family

We invite you to explore our collections and become part of the Birch & Buffalo story. Experience the warmth and beauty of our woodworking, and let us bring a piece of Vermont's artisanal charm into your home.

Welcome to Birch & Buffalo.